An Oval Office meeting will not take place during Netanyahu's U.S. trip, following an internal White House debate on the matter.

The programme included visits to Kadoorie Synagogue, the Holocaust Museum and the Jewish Museum of Oporto.

A working paper sent out in August by the E.U.'s diplomatic service identifies Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich as a Jew in a derogatory way, according to the European Jewish Association.

According to Judi Garrett, the Jewish Relief Network Ukraine's COO, at the onset of the war, Chabad in Ukraine was providing humanitarian aid to some 30,000 people.

Flor Mizrahi coordinated a team of painters and interpreted the long history of Jews in the city of Oporto.

On Sunday, September 3rd, the Lisbon Congress Center welcomed a hundred people to joyfully watch the musical show by Lehakat Tzahal.