“The brutality. The inhumanity. The brutality. The inhumanity. The barbarity of monsters—not humans—monsters."

Israel is at war

According to the most recent estimates, the death toll from Hamas onslaught passes 750, over 160 kidnapped, and over 2,200 wounded.

Escrevem, dizem, palram pardais sem ninho, que o Hamas é um grupo, é um movimento de resistência, é um braço não sei de qual corpo acéfalo político. É, é...

"The last day and a half, was the the most challenging of my life."

The Mekor Haim Choir of the Jewish Community of Oporto will give two concerts in honour of guests from Israel on Friday October 13, 2023 and Friday October 27, 2023.

Israeli Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu hails "deep connection" between Jews and the Samaria city.