The film "1618" is an important project produced by the Jewish community of Oporto, which turned its past into a gripping historical film. 

Antisemitism is a sad reality that is older than time; it should not be handled with biased caution. Portugal is not immune to this horror. That is the thing.

O anti-semitismo, que é uma realidade infeliz e mais antiga que o tempo, não pode, por motivo algum, ser tratado com pinças de interesses. Portugal não escapa a esse terror. Essa é que é.

The Portuguese Parliament wanted to know the opinion of the Jewish community of Porto on possible changes to the law that allows the citizenship of Jews of Sephardic origin.

In the context of the game led by state agents who, since March 2020, have been trying to destroy the law that grants citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews, now they found yet another case of...

The solution to the modern-day politicization of the Holocaust is education, according to APL official Tamir Yizhaq Wertzberger.