Letter to CNN

The Jewish Community of Porto vehemently repudiates the statements of Major-General Agostinho Costa made on CNN Portugal on the night of November 16.

Comunicado para CNN

A Comunidade Judaica do Porto repudia veementemente as declarações do Major-General Agostinho Costa produzidas na CNN Portugal na noite de 16 novembro.

The Jewish Community of Oporto considers that “Expresso” should not have published the above-referred text, as it spreads an antisemitic discourse.

A Comunidade Judaica do Porto considera que o “Expresso” não deveria ter publicado o texto referido, uma vez que o mesmo dissemina um discurso antissemita.

"Tell Hamas leaders that they we be held responsible for every civilian casualty," stated Rabbi Abraham Cooper, a leader of the center.

"We will not stop fighting until we eliminate Hamas," said Eli Cohen, after seeming to suggest that Israel had only weeks to conduct its war against the terror group.