When the Second World War closed its horrific gates Zina Kleinman Liebermann was 23 years old and her entire family had been assassinated. She survived the slaughter.

On May 13th, representatives of the Portuguese Jewish community gathered in a highly sentimental ceremony at the Holocaust Museum of Oporto.

Regina Reisman Schuman, born in the parish of Vitória in Oporto on 12 December 1897, presented proof of her identity with a birth entry she submitted to the Portuguese consulate in the French city of...

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan 27), the Holocaust Museum of Oporto will inaugurate two temporary exhibitions which aim to explore the various complicities throughout the...

This is a film of great quality and highly recommended to the Jewish community.

Yuri Dojc, a Slovakian photographer living in Toronto, spent years with his camera perpetuating the last Jewish survivors of former Czechoslovakia.