It is the museum's new acquisition. A painting about a forgotten genocide. The size is impressive: 1.5 in height and width.

IAF kills Gaza Hamas recruiter in airstrike • PIJ rocket squad eliminated less than 30 minutes after firing on Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Hatzerim.

A tombstone/memorial was placed next to the cemetery lake with the names of the immediate fatal victims of those horrible events.

Before the Second World War there were 9 million Jews on the old continent, today only 1 million and they continue to leave, especially after October 7th.

The victims were identified as Yitzchak Zeiger, a 57-year-old father and grandfather, and Uria Hartum, a 16-year-old high-schooler.

The expectation that the impact of the Oct. 7 attacks and a surge in antisemitism would prompt a shift in the way Jewish groups operate was probably misplaced.