School promises to step up security, restrict access to campus after rabbi tells Jewish students to stay home until campus is safe, though Hillel says they should not flee.

"Let's leave Oporto's pavements stained with the rat blood of the Zionists. Death to the Zionists!", proclaimed the criminals.

The film "1506 - The Genocide of Lisbon", which premieres this Thursday, April 18th, portrays the massacre of the Jews, in 1506, in Lisbon.

The premiere of the movie "1506 - The Lisbon Genocide" at Temple Israel in Miami was a fantastic success.

250 people were in the auditorium of the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation in Oporto to watch the premiere of the film.

"We honor the Rebbe’s birthday every year, but we know this year is different," the U.S. president stated.