Many individual members and entire families have already shown great interest in acquiring their last homes before the resurrection of the dead.

As a proof of vitality, the Tikvah Lisbon Jewish Museum joined the celebration of the International Museum Day on the 18th of May.

If Armenia and Azerbaijan make peace, Israel will be a major beneficiary.

"If the DCIAP theories fashioned by third parties were correct, then the Jewish Community of Oporto, consisting mainly of Sephardic Jews, would, five centuries later, again be expelled from Portugal"

The Mekor Haim Choir has been active In the past two and a half years in learning more about the fascinating world of Jewish Baroque music and in presenting it to the public.

The book was written by Barros Basto in 1944 and reports their friendship between King D. Afonso Henriques and D. Yahia Ben Yaish.