Neste dia de jejum para as comunidades judaicas lamentam-se as maiores tragédias ocorridas na história do povo judeu e, em particular, a destruição do Primeiro e do Segundo Templo de Jerusalém.

Israel is in uncharted territory as justices consider petitions against the amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary.

Should the newly minted law go into effect, the Israeli Supreme Court will still maintain its authority to rule on petitions and even overturn legislation based on established legal principles.

The Portuguese Parliament voted, by majority, on recognising the Nakba and praised the Palestinians’ struggle to obtain their right to self-determination.

Had Um Wissam been arrested by the Israeli authorities, her story would have made headlines on the front page of every major media outlet in the West.

"The anonymous slanderer existed at all times. He benefited from decadent authorities who used wrongdoers and anonymous letters."