This is a film of great quality and highly recommended to the Jewish community.

Yuri Dojc, a Slovakian photographer living in Toronto, spent years with his camera perpetuating the last Jewish survivors of former Czechoslovakia.

What assessment do you make of the last years in terms of the law of the Sephardim? Almost seven years have passed. The national Jewish community grew 1000% and many families are still preparing their...

A project led by Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld will reach the entire Portuguese Jewish community

Vivian Groisman, from the cultural department of the Jewish Community of Oporto announced that the Oporto Jewish Museum will have a room dedicated to antisemitism that will be inaugurated on March 31,...

Added to the complex singularities of tourism in general and Jewish tourism in particular, we find the guidelines of the new world created by the Covid-19 pandemic.