The children respectfully kept silent in a room bearing the names of tens of thousands of Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

“Anyone who doesn’t share our values can’t get a German passport. We have drawn a crystal-clear red line here,” states Interior Minister Nancy Faeser.

The Holocaust Museum of Porto celebrated International Holocaust Day last Friday by hosting approximately 2,000 elementary and high school students from schools all over the country.

The visit comes after intense criticism of how X, formerly Twitter, tackles antisemitic posts and just weeks after Mr Musk apologised for endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

In early 1943, upon realizing that the population of the Ghetto was being deported to concentration and extermination camps, a group of Jews decided to organize themselves to resist.

This year, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed his intention to celebrate the date on May 8, placing himself alongside the European countries.