Amnesty’s war against the Jews

In 1902, in Tsarist Russia, an outrageous forgery was created. ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ attempted to tar the Jewish People with the preposterous charge of world domination.

The ‘Protocols’ would inspire devastating Pogroms and murder across Eastern Europe.

In 2022, just days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, an equally fraudulent publication was concocted. The accusation this time, ‘Apartheid’.

Like the infamous ‘Protocols’, Amnesty International’s attack on the world’s only Jewish state will likely lead to bloodshed. Israel’s Foreign Ministry said as much, “Amnesty’s report effectively serves as a green light… to harm not only Israel, but Jews around the world.”

With cities from London to New York seeing daily violent assaults on visibly Jewish people, the Ministry’s words are no hyperbole.

Amnesty’s report is already having an impact. Melbourne police are investigating the racial abuse of a Rabbi and his wife, which included the words, “Hello Jewish scumbag, I’d just like to congratulate you on your new label, Captain Apartheid, because that’s how Jewish people are going to get named.”

For anyone who’s ever visited Israel, the report may as well be describing conditions on the moon. Alongside its Muslim Arab army officers, and the captain of Israel’s football team, the 20% Arab minority provides a disproportionate share of doctors and pharmacists, who work side by side with Jewish doctors, treating patients without regard to race.

Amongst numerous Arab Members of Parliament is an Islamist party that is in the Israeli Government coalition, and addresses Parliament in Arabic, an official language in Israel.

Arab judges are routine on Israel’s Supreme Court. By comparison, Australia has yet to see a minority judge on our Highest Court in its 120-year history.

In contrast, Arab areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority are Judenrein, meaning without a single Jew. Any Jew, unfortunate enough to mistakenly enter many Arab towns would be murdered on sight. Tragically, this isn’t an exaggeration. Israelis won’t quickly forget the bloodied hands of the Arab mob after lynching 2 Jews who took a wrong turn into Ramallah, before throwing them from a rooftop.

By expropriating South Africa’s difficult history, Amnesty misses the mark. Under Apartheid, public facilities were segregated by race, and blacks couldn’t vote.

Ironically, the only place Arabs can freely vote… is Israel. The Palestinian Authority President, now in year 18 of a 4-year term doesn’t ‘do’ elections, nor does Hamas.

Considering this, it’s hardly surprising that Amnesty’s representative pulled out of an interview upon discovering an Israeli Arab would also appear. Israel’s Muslim Arabs are amongst its strongest defenders. Polls consistently show they overwhelmingly choose Israeli rule. It’s an intelligent choice. Millions calling themselves Palestinians, who live in neighbouring Arab countries, are denied the right to vote, prohibited from many professions, must live in certain neighbourhoods and cannot become citizens.

You could almost call it …apartheid. Just don’t expect Amnesty to care.

As others have pointed out, this isn’t the first attempt to tar the Jewish people with the ‘Apartheid’ label. New York rabble rouser Al Sharpton levelled that accusation against the Jews of the Crown Heights neighbourhood, inciting a rampaging mob to beat and stab helpless Jews in America’s only recorded Pogrom. Tragically, a Jewish student visiting from Australia was murdered.

We are great at identifying right-wing antisemitism. If a band of neo-Nazis organised a march, we’d all know about it. We are nowhere near as adept at spotting left-wing antisemitism.

Sadly, antisemitism is a disease, and like herpes it lies dormant, never really going away. Now the cold sores are erupting.

Right-wing hatred defined antisemitism in the 20th century. Left-wing antisemitism is shaping this one.

Having largely cleansed Europe of Jews, their haters followed them to Israel. Once, they shouted, ‘Jews to Palestine’, now their grandchildren demand ‘Jews out of Palestine’.

Hiding behind a venerable organisation founded for admirable purposes, activists peddle hate. The self-ascribed ‘human rights’ label shields Amnesty from the scrutiny that any company equalling their $1 billion annual turnover would face. Many Amnesty employees believe wholeheartedly that they are doing what is morally right. Then again, so did the Spanish Inquisitors.

Amnesty was founded by a Jewish man from a prominent Zionist family, whose noble vision was influenced by his Zionism. He would be devastated. Amnesty has lost its way.

Where Amnesty truly crosses the line, is by essentially claiming Israel’s very existence is ‘Apartheid’, thus denying Israel’s right to exist. In the eyes of Amnesty, the Jewish State, alone amongst nations, and regardless of its borders, is illegitimate.

Left-wing antisemitism, just like the Ayatollahs of Iran, seeks to wipe Israel off the map. To achieve this, they partner with terrorist groups, and campaign to delegitimize and demonise.

History shows what happens when Jews don’t have their own state, and they don’t plan on returning to that.

Partly fueling Amnesty’s outrage is a desire to stay relevant. As Israel achieves peace with its Arab neighbours under the auspices of the Abraham Accords, Amnesty mopes. They feel threatened as their false claims are exposed. Surely, if Arab nations, once archrivals of Israel are lining up to make peace, the Jewish state can’t be all that bad.

To understand this report, it shouldn’t be examined in isolation. The watchdog, NGO Monitor has carefully tracked Amnesty International’s longstanding hostility to Israel and Jews.

Dozens of senior members are on record for celebrating terrorist attacks, having actual ties with terrorist groups, referring to Israel as a ‘scum state’, and a ‘white supremacist state’. One Amnesty staffer used a convicted terrorist’s image as a profile picture. Another employee described a terrorist, imprisoned for attempting to murder a rabbi, as a ‘human rights defender’.

Shockingly, an Amnesty staffer tipped off Hamas terrorists about a peace meeting between Israelis and Gazans. The staffer was unrepentant at the Arab’s arrest, vowing to ‘fight normalisation with Israel’.

Amnesty took an astounding 7 years to retract their libelous accusation that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat.

In Australia, Amnesty has faced criticism for not removing social media comments such as, “May god send another Hitler and rid the world from the cancer called the Jews.” That Amnesty attracts such people is telling.

It will come as no surprise that the only resolution to be voted down at Amnesty’s UK Conference was one calling for it to fight antisemitism. Apparently, Amnesty doesn’t do “campaigns with a single focus”. Really!

Of course, that didn’t prevent their 100-page Islamophobia report, nor their campaign of delegitimisation against Israel.

Amnesty meets the Internationally recognised, International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism by ‘applying double standards’ to the world’s only Jewish state. Their hypocrisy was confirmed when, after being pressed, Amnesty refused to give China’s concentration camps the ‘Apartheid’ label.

Like the forged Protocols or the UN’s infamous ‘Zionism is racism’ resolution, Amnesty’s report will be consigned to the dustbin of history. But the damage to the Amnesty brand will endure.

The yellow Amnesty shirt has been co-opted for hatred.

What about the good work they do?

Like Klansmen who are known to organise highway clean-ups, their organisation is rotten to the core. Amnesty is so tainted that no Jew, indeed no person of conscience can associate with them.

Amnesty International must become the pariahs that they seek to turn the Jewish people into.

Source: The Australian Jewish News