Sephardic Jews

Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld and the writer Richard Zimler will be the speakers.

The Jewish world, based on tradition and not on genealogies of people who have lived through centuries of persecution around the world, is a world that has long needed certificates.

1. The Sephardic Law was effectively destroyed through Executive Act 26/2022 of 18 March, which altered the regime applicable to the documents required for nationality processes for foreigners who are...

The case of the printing of the Almanach Perpetuum in February of 1496 epitomizes the policy dilemmas facing D. Manuel I and the corresponding dark clouds hovering over the Jewish community.

“These are all very powerful, very poignant and emotional stories. They are stories that are largely unknown to the larger world, including many in the Jewish community,” said AJC CEO David Harris.

A resolution urges collaboration in the “preservation, rehabilitation and renovation” of Jewish historical sites in Africa and underscores the need to grant Jewish voices there more opportunity.