In the midst of a war that has already claimed 25 Portuguese victims, the conversation about "oligarchs" returns

In the midst of a war that has already claimed 25 Portuguese victims, the conversation about

The Jewish Community of Porto issued today a statement regarding a news item which identifies 16 Russian-born people as "oligarchs" whose Sephardi origin has been certified by that institution.

In a world that uses the term oligarch exclusively for Jewish and Israeli billionaires who were born in the Soviet Union, the following 16 names have been termed as 'close to Putin'.

Rabbi Alexander Boroda- Roman Abramovich- Andrey Rapoport- Lev Leviev- God Nisamov- Gavril Yushvaev- Andrei Leonidovich Monosov- Alexander Smuzikok- Alexander Kaplan- Mikhail Pitkevich- Andrei Bilai- Leonid Rafailov- Igor Goikhberg,- Alexander Volov- Andrei Mekhanik- Dmitry Usachev

The applicants were certified by the CIP/CJP in exchange for a fee of 250 euros each, as they were able to meet the legal criteria that require "the tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin” showed for example “in the applicant's surname, in the family language, in the genealogy of in the family memory".


- Rabbi Aleksander Boroda (the "second most powerful man")
U.S. and Israeli passports.
As early as 1840, the Boroda were included in the census of the traditional families of Alexandria, Egypt, and the name of the applicant's grandfather – Lebe – appears in the lists of ketubot (marriage contracts) of the 19th century. XVII and XVIII of the Portuguese Sephardic community of Tunis. The applicant's family memory was attested by the Chief Rabbi of Russia (the "first most powerful man"), one of the most respected rabbis in the world, belonging to Chabad Lubavitch (like Boroda), the strongest Jewish religious organization based in New York, incidentally founded by the grandson of Rabbi Baruch Portugali.

- Roman Abramovich (the "third most powerful man")
Israeli. Lithuanian children. It is worth reading the table of contents of their certification process:

- Andrey Rapoport
Israeli and Cypriot., page 56

- Lev Leviev
Israeli and Cypriot., page 59

- Gavril Yushvaev
Israeli., page 58

- God Nisamov
Israeli., page 59

- Andrei Leonidovich Monosov
Israeli., page 60

The remaining Israelis and one Canadian, with whom the Community has never had any contact beyond the examination of their applications for Sephardic certification and the respective decision (which in some cases took months to be taken) have always benefited from previous certifications of Lusitanian Sephardi origin issued by the local rabbinical authorities, recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. 

The opinion of the CIP/CJP in each case resulted from its knowledge of the Jewish world and was in line with the applicable legislation: Article 24-A of Decree-Law No. 30-A/2015, of 27 February, and Article 6(7) of the Nationality Law.

The opinion of the CIP/CJP has never been binding on the Government, which, in using its legal discretion (which includes criteria of opportunity), decides whether or not to grant nationality to any applicant, after consulting national and international security bodies.

The CIP/CJP will add up the fees paid by those gentlemen and will endorse it to the Central Registry Office."

The Communiqué ends with a reference to the "unbelievable Operation Open Door that destroyed the reputation of the CIP/CJP" and recommends reading a news item from the PJN.

The Jewish Community of Oporto today donated "250 euros" from each "oligarch" to the Conservatória dos Registos Centralis and ordered the exhibition of proof of that donation at the Jewish Museum of Porto, "a beautiful place of culture, history and reflection", according to the institution.