Sephardic Jews

Community of Porto will donate to the Registry Office the 250 euro fees that were paid to it by "oligarchs".

Comunidade do Porto vai doar à Conservatória os emolumentos de 250 euros que lhe foram pagos por "oligarcas".

The president of the Jewish Community of Oporto, Gabriel Senderowicz, and the vice-president, Dara Jeffries, participated in the online conference "Raíces de Sefarad: La Comunidad Judía de Porto".

In a universe of one million possible candidates, only 7% obtained nationality. Government rejected 600 applications.

Thousands of people participate in the “European Days of Jewish Culture” in Oporto The Synagogue and the Jewish and Holocaust Museums had great programming throughout the day.

Representantes provenientes de países latinoamericanos, Israel, Portugal, España, Francia, Canadá y Miami, se reunieron en ciudad de México.