Who will judge the instigators in case of a terror attack in Portugal?

Some years ago, Portugal returned citizenship to Sephardic Jews without them needing to live in the country or speak Portuguese. There would be at least two million potential applicants, but until now not even 1/30 of the possible candidates expressed interest in that law. In Spain there was a similar lack of interest.

Many think like me. I have a Bulgarian mother from 100% Sephardic relatives but I would never ask for Portuguese or Spanish nationality, as well as I don't ask for Austrian nationality after what happened to my paternal grandfather. There is a minimum of prudence that we must have. What happened once, twice, will happen again in the future.

Despite the small number of interested applicants, in Portugal some journalists and influencers have been accusing Portuguese Jewish communities of "selling the country" as they are responsible for guaranteeing the Sephardic origin of the candidates.

This message is very dangerous! It can provoke an attack against the Jewish community. A group of terrorists or a single patriot alone, alarmed by antisemitic news, can decide to cleanse the society of the Jews. On a Shabbat. On Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah. At the door of a Jewish museum. In a kosher store. At a mikvah center. On an excursion of Israeli tourists. There is no lack of opportunities.

The situation is hardly new. As happened in Halle, a peaceful citizen dons the weapons of war and believes he has discovered his life’s mission. On that day, amid blood, screams, despair, spent bullets on the ground, police vehicles blocking roads, on that day the antisemites will be found in newspaper offices or at home writing up tweets or reports against the suicidal extremist, the ruthless killer, the child they created through their evil and their hatred of the Jews.

By then, the assassin has probably taken his own life, been shot to death by the police or will spend a long time behind the bars of a high security prison, while his spiritual parents are free to carry on with their lives. They will be satisfied, because now they can write reams and reams about the background of the assassin, the books he read, the sites he visited, the dog who ran with him in the neighborhood, and also about the fallen Jews, the bearded Orthodox Jew, the woman who died while clutching her daughter, or a siddur, lying on the ground, pierced by a bullet.

What will happen to the assassin’s spiritual parents? Are there lists with their names, addresses, places of work? Will they be brought to trial? Does Europe have laws to ensure they are punished? What about international law? Might Israel come here to pick them up and take them for a fair trial?

Recently, the BBC has been ranked third in the Simon Wiesenthal Center's "Global Antisemitism Top Ten List" for 2021, which it believes is guilty of several incidents of antisemitism. This is the way.

The Nazis are identified. The other, the instigators against the Jewish communities, are the great enemies of our civilization. They are out there, moralizing the world, vain and ridiculous, inciters of assassins, building a rotten society that one day will fall at their feet. Then, they and the Jews they insulted for years will be persecuted by the raging mob.