Jewish Community

Before the Second World War there were 9 million Jews on the old continent, today only 1 million and they continue to leave, especially after October 7th.

Ministers Gomes Cravinho and Ana Mendes were accompanied by the Israeli ambassador, Dor Shapira

Oporto Jewish community is one of the founder members.

According to Judi Garrett, the Jewish Relief Network Ukraine's COO, at the onset of the war, Chabad in Ukraine was providing humanitarian aid to some 30,000 people.

Documents filed in his citizenship case show the validity of his claims and reveal the complexity of Sephardic heritage.

In February 2019, twenty Rabbis from different parts of the world said Kaddish in memory of Aharon Ben-Zion Halevi who had burned to death in the fires of Oliveira do Hospital two years earlier.