The importance of a true Jewish media for the security of the Jewish people

Safety bars, armored doors, bunkers in synagogues, gas masks, armed guards, bulletproof vests, metal detectors, CCTV cameras, large stone barriers on the road, monitoring social media networks and the comment boxes in newspapers, ongoing personnel training courses and paid policing by Jewish communities. These are just a few of the security measures recommended to the Jewish communities in Europe.

There have been no terrorist attacks in recent times, but sooner or later they will happen. There are two very important truths that everyone tries to forget in this modern world filled with every material asset. The first is that the Jews are the most hated people on Earth. The second is that Jews are 0% of humanity, a number so tiny that it is a miracle that it continues to exist. Many of our brothers were slaves in Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Rome and the Visigoth, Christian, Muslim, European and Eurasian empires. Shoah, the great pogrom, was a mixture of all the pogroms that occurred from Russia to Portugal.

It is vital to have and to multiply information bodies that we can call true, accurate and humane Jewish media, in order to defend these tiny people: its children, its families, its highest references, its elites, its tiny State of Israel. A good son never rejects his mother, his ancestral home, his spiritual home if not even his birth home. Whoever does so will certainly have crossed the River Jordan.

Only the State of Israel offers any guarantees of security to the world Jewish population, because any state initiating a deliberate killing of the Jews does so in the certainty that it will be targeted by the military might of this small state and its allies.

However, before the deliberate killing, there are many levels of humiliation and discrimination. These occur every day, spreading antisemitic prejudices via the keyboards of millions of computers, in conversations in the corridors of Parliament, in newspaper offices, at café tables, in the permanent linking of individual Jews or Jewish organisations to bad practices, the vandalization of Jewish heritage, in the antisemitic state of mind that is fostered and generated at every step: the Jews kill Palestinian children, do not comply with UN resolutions, hate other peoples, control capitalists and communists, create viruses, sell vaccines to earn piles of money.

The evil deeds of these parasites of societies have a major ally and partner to inspire them, which is the media which is totally disconnected from the culture of a people that has existed for forty centuries. Nothing endangers the Jews more than gossip, the chatter of mediocre people, but particularly slander in the media as a whole. The Midrash tying slander to leprosy is filled with reason.

A Jewish media that only finds faults and problems in Israel, that slanders the Israel Defense Forces, Mossad, Zionists, that promotes divisions between Jews all over the world, raising suspicion and scandal, putting off Jewish law in the name of materialistic values, offending the rabbis who uphold a millenary tradition, and harming the unity of the Jewish people by accepting all sorts of conversions to Judaism, is not a true Jewish media. It is a type of media that is highly contagious and a life-threatening danger which unless stopped will aid and abet a new Holocaust.

We must have a healthy Jewish media, committed to human dignity, the beauty of life, and the safety, to a people that has always wished to be a friend to others and never managed, and will never achieve this aim with a media that only creates more antisemitism. Enough of speaking ill of Jews. It goes so far as to expose faces, professions and address of Jewish figures who in a possible wave of violence will one day be sitting ducks for antisemitic assassins who, like in Pittsburgh and Halle, will shout that all Jews must die.