The Portuguese Jewish School will be online in March, 2022

The Portuguese Jewish School will be online in March, 2022

In March, 2022 the Portuguese Jewish School will take its first steps. This is an online project that aims to provide basic courses in Jewish religion, culture, and history to young Jews in accordance with Jewish tradition.

The Portuguese Jewish community today has many thousands of Jews spread across the country. Jewish people from all over the country are involved in this project that aims to reach all Jewish families living in Portugal, in the North, Center and South of mainland Portugal, as well as in Madeira and the Azores.

The Portuguese Jewish School will be directed by Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld and his wife Rebbetzin Raizel Rosefeld, from Chabad Portugal. They will be accompanied by other Rabbis and educators from within Portugal and beyond.

Says Rabbi Eli, "The idea of bringing Jewish learning to every Jewish child wherever they may be in Portugal is groundbreaking. The challenge today is of location and timing. Children today have more after school activities than ever before, and are very spread apart. With the ability to learn on their own schedule and own location we can revolutionize Jewish education."

Classes will be available online in  video format in different languages to meet the needs of the growing and international Jewish population.

The project intends to offer Jewish education as an after School program. It will consist of short lessons, 15 minutes each, with simple and condensed messages, taking into account the workloads students carry at schools they attend.

Each week three classes will be available for viewing. The classes will be viewed consecutively, allowing each student to advance at their own pace. When a  course is successfully completed, the student may go on to beginning of the next course.

Classes can be viewed on the days and times convenient for the student, using a computer or mobile phone.

The importance of Jewish education is emphasized and is basis of the Jewish faith. As the first paragraph of the Shema prayer states: “Teach them diligently to your children.”

The new Portuguese Jewish School also responds to a challenge from the European Commission,  in a project planned through 2030, that promotes Jewish life in Europe in all its dimensions.