Jewish Community of Porto will sue the European Jewish Congress

Jewish Community of Porto will sue the European Jewish Congress

The Jewish Community of Porto, affiliated to the European Jewish Association and not to the European Jewish Congress, communicates the following:

- The Community published an extensive and detailed book intitled "The Plan!" about what happened in Portugal in recent years to destroy the strongest Jewish community (Porto) and the law that granted nationality to Jews of Sephardic origin.

- The European Jewish Congress, through its affiliate the Jewish Community of Lisbon, rejected in full the allegations expressed in that book without even having read it.

- More seriously, the arguments presented are completely false and only demonstrate the irresponsibility and uselessness for the Jewish world of whoever wrote such an EJC statement.

- The Community was destroyed through the most complete state corruption that involved all powers, the media and even professional burglars of law offices and private homes.

- Fake news about alleged abuses of the Community began to be published in December 2021, a year and a half after parliamentary actions against the law took place, even comparing the reproduction of the Sephardim to the reproduction of the coronavirus.

- Fake news about alleged abuses began to be published in the same month in which the Jewish Community of Porto rejected a government regulation project as being unconstitutional.

- In addition, the alleged abuses that led to the illegal invasion of the largest synagogue in the country were aimed at a multimillionaire whose origins were certified by the Lisbon Community (and rightly so) and currently there is absolutely nothing against the Porto Community.

- We invite EJC to retract, under penalty of being sued by us for defamation.

The Board of Directors

Oporto Jewish Community