Jewish Community of Oporto

Vestidos de branco, os herdeiros espirituais de quantos fugiram do Egito e estiveram no Monte Sinai recitam Avinu Malkeinu, proferem selichot e buscam a mais pura teshuvah.

Wise Moroccan Jews instituted a special Purim for having escaped the forced conversion under King D. Sebastião in 1578

Entering the ninth year with full religious ceremonies to commemorate a unique feat in 21st century Portugal.

The programme included visits to Kadoorie Synagogue, the Holocaust Museum and the Jewish Museum of Oporto.

Flor Mizrahi coordinated a team of painters and interpreted the long history of Jews in the city of Oporto.

Thousands of people participate in the “European Days of Jewish Culture” in Oporto The Synagogue and the Jewish and Holocaust Museums had great programming throughout the day.