Jewish Community of Oporto presents script for the film "1506" which it considers producing in the future

Jewish Community of Oporto presents script for the film

The Jewish Community of Oporto which has already produced several feature films, including the "1618" which is the most internationally awarded Portuguese film ever, presented the script for the film "1506" which it whishes to produce in the future.

The Lisbon pogrom of 1506 started on April 19 when a crowd of criminals, foreign sailors and church-goers attacked and killed thousands of persons whom they suspected were Jews.

The production of the new film was scheduled for 2022, but it was postponed due to an anti-Semitic campaign that targeted the community, the synagogue and its leaders and is now being investigated internationally.

The whole story is based on real facts and the reproductions are as faithful as possible to the descriptions of the sources at the time.

This is the script, already reviewed and approved by the greatest specialist in the subject, Prof. Susana Mateus.

Click here to read the film script.