Israel translates stories of Oct. 7 sexual horrors to Arabic

Israel translates stories of Oct. 7 sexual horrors to Arabic

Women testify in an Arabic-language campaign by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to raise awareness of Hamas's sexual crimes. Credit: Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry recently launched a campaign to present evidence of Hamas’s sexual crimes on Oct. 7 to the Arabic-speaking world.

The campaign material will be distributed through the ministry’s media channels, which together reach more than five million followers.

Dozens of media articles covering the sexual horrors committed by Hamas, testimonies of survivors and freed hostages, and the stories of first responders who saw the atrocities have been translated into Arabic.

The United Nations’ March 4 report showing there is “clear and convincing” evidence that terrorists committed sexual violence was also translated.

The testimonies are presented by Israeli women. One was made by a survivor of the Supernova music festival, who said, “Everything was an apocalypse of corpses—girls without clothes, upper part, lower part. People cut in half, people slaughtered, some of them beheaded. There were girls there who simply had their pelvises broken because they were raped. They were spaghetti, legs apart.”

The campaign compares the crimes of Hamas to the crimes of ISIS against Yazidi women in Iraq, as Arab states are familiar with the Islamic State’s brutality.

The materials have been collected on a website in Arabic to serve as a source of information and “stimulate public and media discourse about the massacre,” Ynet reported.

Source: PJN