Largest-ever global influencer summit against antisemitism in the US tries to stem the tide of growing hatred

Largest-ever global influencer summit against antisemitism in the US tries to stem the tide of growing hatred

Credit: Ohad Kab

On July 1, the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) concluded "Voices for Truth: Influencers United Against Antisemitism," the largest-ever global influencer summit against antisemitism at The Glasshouse in New York City.

The two-day event, a joint vision with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brought together more than 300 social media influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders to unite, share experiences, and strategize on effectively using their platforms to counter antisemitism.

“This is our chance to make a difference – to stand up for Jewish people and our values and the protection of minorities. To stand by is not an option anymore. Bring back activism and community leadership as a way of life,” said Sacha Roytman, CEO of CAM.

At the same time, while millions of Americans celebrated Independence Day on July 4, anti-Israel extremists displayed vicious hatred for the United States by burning an American flag in New York City, in Philadelphia, and in Los Angeles. In Baltimore, Maryland, ten Jewish families’ homes were graffitied with swastikas. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott denounced the crimes, saying, “To those individuals who are responsible, we only have one message: these antisemitic acts are despicable, and you will be held accountable.”

A notable spate of vile and violent antisemitic incidents continued this week throughout the American continent and especially in North America. In Toronto, an attacker smashed the windows of two different synagogues, and a Jewish man displaying Israeli flags on his car found his vehicle’s windows shattered. At a Montreal cemetery, a vandal arranged stones into the shape of a swastika on a Jewish headstone. Canadian lawmaker Pierre Poilievre said in response to this act of hateful desecration, “We cannot close our eyes to the disgusting acts of antisemitism that are happening in our country every day.”

The world continues to watch more or less impassively the hatred against Jews and the facts denounced and reported by the media represent a tiny percentage of the real ones.