Statement from the Jewish Community of Porto

Statement from the Jewish Community of Porto

1. The Jewish Community of Porto recently published the first volume of a book entitled "The Plan! - Jewish life threatened in Europe" which describes a failed coup by Lisbon elites in an attempt to destroy the strongest Jewish community in Portugal and to repeal the law that granted Portuguese citizenship to Jews of Sephardic origin.

2. The book says little about the leader of the government under whose term the strategies of the coup were developed. However, the Board of Directors of another Community made a statement recalling the need that the government had to change the nationality law "following public alarm over news that reported alleged abuses", "under pressure from public scrutiny and media pressure". This is FALSE and a shame for those who allowed themselves to write this.

3. The news about the alleged abuses appeared on 18.12.2021, a year and a half after the shameful discussion about the law began in parliament in May 2020. ("It's a Dreyfus affair", Dr. José Carp, of blessed memory, wrote to the Jewish Community of Porto at that time.) The news appeared in the same month in which the Jewish community of Porto rejected a government regulation project as unconstitutional (06.12.2021).

4. In addition, the alleged abuses that led to the illegal invasion of the largest synagogue in the country were aimed at a multimillionaire whose origins were certified by the Community "of the communiqué" and the current targets are three non-Jewish Colombian citizens (similar to Padre Jesus of Colombia) which were certified by the same Community.

5. It's ridiculous to highlight a meeting held in 2024 with the first minister already fired, when another meeting was twice denied by him, in 2020, at the request of Dr. José Carp, when communities most needed to talk to the head of government. Esther Mucznik wrote "Listen to us!" at that time.

6. The communiqué states that the 2024 meeting with the former head of government served to deal with the replacement of the coordinator for the promotion of Jewish life, Prof. Bacelar Vasconcelos. This makes no sense, since Prof. Vasconcelos already publicly stated that he resigned from his position with the fall of the government in 2023. The communiqué even invokes "his lack of commitment and commitment", which is also false. He was an ever-present figure where there was real Jewish life. He visited the synagogue in Porto, where he spent Yom Kippur with a congregation of 700 people. He made visits to the Jewish museum and spoke publicly there. He made visits to the Holocaust museum in the presence of thousands of children, was present in the Community's cinema to watch the history films produced by it, and also frequented the kosher restaurants of the Porto Community.

7. One should not make announcements about a book that one has not read, much less make sad figures that will be recorded by the appropriate means.

Porto, July 8, 2024.

The Board