"How to destroy a Jewish Community", the new video of the Jewish Community of Oporto

Almost 1 million people saw the videography of the Jewish Community of Oporto in the last decade. Between 2012 and 2023, the Jewish Community of Oporto composed a videography of 20 videos. The project forms part of the Community's cultural activities which also include museums, feature films, a library, a painting gallery, and others.


"So, you don’t like traditional Jews, Jewish success and Israel? You don’t like packed synagogues and the Jewish community teaching people about the Holocaust? The State is at your mercy and you wish to destroy it all? Easy. Get someone to produce anonymous letters with false denunciations of corruption. Get some friendly journalists to publish these denunciations. Get your police to investigate that fictional corruption. Let them invade synagogues and the homes of leaders. Let them seize everything they find. You might be lucky and there’ll be something suspicious. But if nothing is found, don’t worry. Time is on your side. It will take years for the investigation to be completed. No one will bother you. The Jewish world itself will be paralyzed. The words corruption and police cause people to freeze. You are the greatest, the world is at your feet. But have you really won? Or will you face Jewish resilience? You’re the corrupter of the State, the corrupter of Civilisation."