Attorney General and the Police Director invited to the inauguration of the Jewish cemetery of Oporto

Attorney General and the Police Director invited to the inauguration of the Jewish cemetery of Oporto

Credit: Observador

"Take this opportunity to apologise in front of the entire community or tell everyone present that you are trying to come up with other allegations", it can be read in that invitation.

Dear Sirs:

Attorney General of the Republic, Lucília Gago,
Director of the Judiciary Police, Luís Neves
(CC Director of DCIAP, Francisco Narciso)

April 10, 2023

Dear Sirs:

1. The Jewish Community of Oporto invites you to be present at the opening of the Jewish cemetery in Oporto on 25th April 2023 at 6 pm. All the necessary infrastructure for the next generations of the Community has been created. A Community with synagogues full of life, crowded museums, kosher restaurants and feature films about Jewish history, including the most highly internationally awarded film ever made in Portugal, the largest Chabad Centre in Europe. The time has arrived for the Community’s cemetery, “Field of Equality Isaac Aboab”.

2. The last cemetery of the Oporto Jewish community was destroyed in 1497 by the evil and corruption of the powers of the time, all united. At the same time, the great Oporto Synagogue in the Olival Jewish quarter was invaded, searched, desecrated, trampled on, destroyed.

3. The episode of the invasion of the synagogue was repeated more than five centuries later. In 2022, the central synagogue in Oporto was trampled on by Lisbon police officers based on allegations of “anonymous” whistleblowers who, in fact, were individuals convicted of defamation and discrimination acts and burglars of law offices and private homes, including that of the former president of SIRESP, victim of the same strategem, the same political interests, the same people and the same target.

4. The Oporto Judiciary Police had refused to open an investigation based on the anonymous denunciations devoid of evidence, but even an “email” by a non-Jewish extortionist was used as “evidence” by Lisbon magistrates and police.

Here are the shameful allegations in the warrants that “allowed” the synagogue to be invaded as if it were a brothel: “There are suspicions regarding the relations between various companies, the Jewish Community of Oporto and its leaders, and the relevant Portuguese authorities”, “had privileged knowledge and connections in the registry offices, which allowed them to give priority to requests for the acquisition of nationality from Sephardic Jews”, “in exchange for pecuniary rewards, the origin of Sephardic Jews was falsely certified” , “in some cases the acquisition procedure is suspected to be illegal, such as A and D”, “the H company, whose manager is the husband of Vice-President, signs the certificates and has been increasing drastically the values of services rendered”, “donations illicitly channelled to some members with positions in that community”, “a considerable part of the money is channelled into private pockets”.

(Original version in Portuguese: Existem suspeitas relativamente às relações entre diversas sociedades, a Comunidade Israelita do Porto e os seus dirigentes, e as autoridades portuguesas competentes”, “conhecimentos e ligações privilegiadas nas conservatórias, o que lhes permitia que fosse atribuída prioridade aos pedidos de aquisição de nacionalidade aos judeus sefarditas”, “em troca de recompensas pecuniárias era atestada falsamente a origem dos judeus sefarditas”, “nalguns casos suspeita-se de ilicitude do procedimento de aquisição, como A e D”, “a sociedade H, cujo gerente é marido da Vice-Presidente, assina os certificados e tem vindo a aumentar drasticamente os valores de prestações de serviços”, “donativos ilicitamente canalizados para alguns membros com cargos naquela comunidade”, “uma parte considerável do dinheiro é canalizado para bolsos privados”.)

5. All completely false. The only “fakes” and "privileged connections" occurred between agents of the State among themselves, mixing with journalists and criminals, to destroy the only strong Jewish community in Portugal. This was the only "scheme", which will be investigated internationally.

6. To the Attorney General of the Republic and the Director of the Judiciary Police:

We wish you to be present at the inauguration of the cemetery. Take this opportunity to apologise in front of the entire community or tell everyone present that you are trying to come up with other allegations, confused and lost among millions of emails and documents.

7. Your murderous theories, which belong to others, showed their face for the first time in 2020 with the "anti-Jewish route using parliamentary tricks" by Constança Urbano de Sousa, who, in order to legitimize herself, made abusive use of a weaker Jewish community in Lisbon, which did not approve of that unacceptable behaviour and demanded a public apology from her.

8. Your murderous theories, which actually belong to others, resulted in the destruction of the Sephardic law by Francisca Van Dunem, who had previously assembled the anonymous allegations that she then sent on to colleagues in the Judicial Police. The destruction of the law took place on 18th March, seven days after the criminal invasion of the Synagogue on the 11th of the same month.

9. Your murderous theories, which are actually those of others, led 44 young Jews to address a petition to the Parliament headed by Augusto Santos Silva, the man of the “Palestinian cause”. The following day, the initiative's first signatories suffered an attempt on their lives, which was not investigated, just as the above-mentioned robberies and “anonymous” denouncements were not.

10. This time, history will not be written by the strongest, who went back centuries into history and, in order to destroy all the important Jewish realities in the country, used the executive, legislative, judiciary powers, half a dozen individuals from the media and even delinquents.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of the Board

The President