War is a defeat for humanity, a drama against children, a forced divider of friends and neighbours, a series of catastrophes. As a person living in Morocco, I will say a few words about our history of centuries. My father and grandfather lived a good and peaceful life along with our Muslim neighbours. Nothing prevented them from living together side by side. And this is how entire generations of good families were raised. Centuries and centuries.

The word peace has always been a word of honour and value in our common life. Until today. But unfortunately, the wars in the big world caused a fundamental separation in the good relationship that existed here with our Muslim neighbours. If I refer to the current war in Israel, without a doubt it affects the fabric of life here in Morocco.

World politics has caused a separation between the good connections that were part of our ancestors, and from there it has only deteriorated into negative and dark places. A few years ago, the Abraham Accords were signed which constituted peace both between the countries and between us and our neighbours. But following the current war the situation became more tense.

Most citizens understand that politics should not be mixed with real life. But as a non-Jewish friend told me, “we value the Jews very much and will always respect them, however in the end the war affects the fabric of our common life.”

War is not a good thing. But we all understand that the Hamas organization wants to consume the best in the world from both the Jews and the Arabs. Such an organization has no place in our good world. Antisemitism is increasing on a daily basis. Undoubtedly peace is the most wanted thing we want now. We hope that the world will understand the move that will lead to its elimination and through this peace will come to the world. Amen.

Source: Human Rights - written by young jews from 40 countries with support of B'nai B'rith International Portugal and International Observatory of Human Rights