Racism, a problem that has plagued societies for centuries, finds one of its most enduring and harrowing manifestations in anti-Semitism. At the heart of this insidious prejudice lies a deep-seated animosity rooted in baseless hatred—a concept that resonates profoundly within the Jewish world.

The Torah offers insight into the origins of this hatred through the story of Esav and Yaakov. According to Jewish teachings, Esav, the elder twin brother of Yaakov, harboured an inexplicable animosity towards him. Esav resentment towards Yaakov was driven not by any tangible wrongdoing but by an irrational and unfounded sense of enmity. And that is the only tangible explanation for anti-Semitism. Simple as that, the Guemarah tell us that “Esav Soneh (hates) Yaakov”. Simple and crude as baseless hatred. And, according to mystical teachings, this situation will persist between the descendants of Esav and the descendants of Yaakov until the coming of the Messiah. For now, we can try to minimize the effects of this situation, but we cannot ignore it or solve it completely.

Throughout History, Jews have faced a lot of hate and discrimination. From the past, like the Spanish Inquisition, to the terrible Holocaust, and from medieval blood libels to Hamas attacks, antisemitism has manifested in various forms. Discrimination against Jews continues vividly today. In recent years, incidents like desecration of Jewish cemeteries and denial of Holocaust have highlighted persistent antisemitism. Despite strides towards equality, combating antisemitism remains an ongoing challenge in our society.

Anti-Semitism often targets wrong points of view, transforming the abuser into a victim. Those specific facts ignore the big picture and erroneously open space to justify in every way possible this cruel movement. The media it’s an example of that. It’s crucial to address the attacks on Jews in Israel. And often, when Israel defends itself against terrorism, it faces criticism and bias from the media and the world. Terrorists are portrayed as victims, distorting reality and ignoring Israel’s right to self-defence.

This unfair treatment only perpetuates anti-Semitism and undermines efforts to achieve peace and understanding in the region. Racism persists, targeting diverse communities, mainly minorities, including Jews. We must strive for balanced and informed perspectives to combat racism and promote justice for all. Combatting prejudice is vital for fostering a more equitable and compassionate society.

Source: Human Rights - written by young jews from 40 countries with support of B'nai B'rith International Portugal and International Observatory of Human Rights