From "Jewish witch" to "Israeli terrorist"

A child should never be confronted with accusations related to the political sphere. Why should a child lose his or her innocence over matters of race, religion or creed that do not concern them? And yet, unfortunately, this has become all too common in European schools, where misinformation increasingly rhymes with ignorance of history and hatred of minorities.

Elya is an exceptional student who began life in Israel and then attended her first school in Thailand among Singaporeans, Indians and Chinese until her family finally moved to Portugal where she attended the oldest British school in continental Europe based in Porto.

One day in October 2021 children comparing skin color to geographic origin in science class saw a classmate calling Elya a terrorist in front of the class and then adding that it is "not Elya herself but the country of Israel that should be called a terrorist country."

In addition, the teacher on duty asked one of the opinion leaders in the class to influence the classmates to be nicer to the child who was calling my daughter a terrorist: "so that he wouldn't get angry and do things like that".

9 years of excellence and outstanding results in the best schools in different countries with children from all over the world (from Israel, Thailand, Singapore...) being several times house captain, class ambassador, school ambassador is enough to prove that Elya is a very respectful student who would never start commenting on a country, a skin color and moreover would never name another child after the supposed crimes or virtues of their countries, parents, ancestor nations.

The school has been very effective in calming the situation and an official apology has been promised to Elya but her classmate has never publicly apologized.

Throughout history, her ancestors have been called everything from "Jewish witch" suspected of causing plagues and famines as in Portugal in 1506 to "Jewish terrorist" by the French Gestapo while resisting the Nazi occupation.

Elya's family fled the Spanish inquisition in the 15th century and left the even safer Portugal for Turkey, before embarking on a very long journey in which her family had to abandon all their possessions, their lives, their homes and start a new life in another country, until France in 1840.

In France, her family suffered the genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany, which in Hebrew is called the Shoah. Death, senseless torture, massacres and trauma.

Her great-grandfather, a professor of medicine who was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honor in France in 1914-1918 for his bravery on the battlefield, was arrested in 1944 by the French police and the Gestapo, forcibly put on deportation train number 82 and deported to Auschwitz, where he was murdered.

Her great aunt always had a number tattooed on her forearm that was her number in the camps while she was teaching philosophy in Paris.

Another aunt, Eliane Amado Levy Valensi, whose mother was also deported, wrote 30 books on Judaism and Kabbalah.

Her great-grandmother was one of the few real resistance fighters in France who fought under a false identity "Gilberte Leroi Vallet" made up on her identity card instead of "Levi Valensi" during the German occupation while her Great Grandfather was a resistant communist in maquis de Vercors in France before teaching mathematics in Paris after the war.

Her great-uncle Raoul, decorated with the Croix de Guerre by General De Gaulle, was also considered a hero by the victors of the Second World War and a dangerous Jewish terrorist of the "Free France" by the Axis forces.

Elya's ancestors had to survive an insane amount of people calling them terrorists, Jewish wizards, from the snake in the Garden of Eden, 400 years of slavery in Egypt, 40 years of wandering in the desert, wars with the Cananites, the Jebusites, the Philistines (Mycenaeans), the Egyptian Empire,the Assyrians, the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians, the exile in Babylon, the Greeks, the destruction of the second temple by the Romans, the second exile, the massacres and various ghettos in Europe, the Holy Inquisition, then the pogroms, the second world war, the holocaust and the whole Israeli-Arab conflict.

As Israel was attacked by suicide bombers and hundreds of missiles were fired at Israel from the south and the north of Lebanon, Elya had to run to the shelter as the siren that never stopped announced that new rockets would fall on Tel Aviv in the next 10 seconds.

A child should never be accused of a crime.
No American child is guilty of the Indian genocide.
No Turkish child is guilty of the Armenian genocide
No German child should be considered guilty of Nazism.
No European child should be responsible for the Crusades
When it comes to crimes and bloodshed, children are always the victims of stubborn adults.

But above all, no child should suffer the fallout of a global, oil-funded propaganda that would make the inhabitants of a tiny country, the only Jewish country, look like torturers and land-grabbers, when they are at home, still have it and are only defending themselves.