The world knows that antisemitism has been practiced since ancient times in demonstrations of hostility against the Jews, the result of the sociocultural and political dynamics of each society. Antisemitism has always been used to express a prejudiced aversion to Jews, viewed as the root of all society’s evils.

The Jews were persecuted because of their religion and culture, they were persecuted because of the assets they hoarded, they were persecuted for causing misery, the Black Death, drought and for poisoning water, they were persecuted for blood libel with non-Jewish children, they were persecuted for their alleged race (when in fact they are of every ethnicity since the epic in the desert 3000 years ago), and today they are persecuted for having their own State in Israel.

Never, in the history of humanity regarding any other minority except the Jewish minority, was a plan industrialised aiming to clean the world of a small people, and not only in Europe. The result of the Second World War saved the Jews from total annihilation on the planet.

In the 21st century, Jews were accused of creating the Coronavirus, of selling vaccines at exorbitant prices, of hoarding vaccines, altering the DNA of human beings and, as if that was not enough, they were accused of the genocide of the Palestinians before the International
Criminal Court, a mere three months after the massacre perpetrated by Hamas on 7 October 2023.

Yesterday, like today, antisemitism is part of the day to day life of all societies, wherever they are. Everywhere, Jews are seen as unassimilable foreigners and traitors of their country. They are not seen as a minority to be protected, but rather as a group of elitist plutocrats who control world business and have their own state in Israel. In a world that protects minorities in extreme and passionate form, the Jews are forgotten. Again.

Source: Human Rights - written by young jews from 40 countries with support of B'nai B'rith International Portugal and International Observatory of Human Rights