“And God Created the World”

I don't need to win the euro million because my luck is above lined up numbers. I am privileged. I know tolerance between religions through such a noble feeling, which Platão defined as a reciprocal predisposition that makes two Human beings equally jealous of each other's happiness.

This magic of being, in fact that we can be happy without differences, I inherited from my late and beloved Father, who was the Rabbi of the Israelite Community of Lisbon for half a century. Since he arrived in Lisbon from Morocco in 1944 to serve the congregation, he brought in his emotional baggage the treasure he had lived in the city where he was born, Tanger, on September 7, 1920: Jews, Catholics and Muslims in frank coexistence. . He never wanted to live-and never lived-in the ghetto of know and knowledge. With less than thirty years, still single, he built and cemented bonds, and strong, with that, also young, who, later on, would be Cardinal of Lisbon, Dom António Ribeiro. At the Orquídea pastry shop, meters away from the Shaaré Tikva synagogue and from the República where Dom António Ribeiro, and also another priest Dom Serafim Silva, current Bishop Emeritus of Leiria-Fátima lived, the spiritual opening, or if you prefer, the flexibility of the living sould would be born. And it  born. And he only saw the light because they were wised men, who never decided to say, or believe, that each one's G‑d was best.

Likewise, the relationship with the Islamic Community is, as it has always been: the best possible. I don't know of any other similar case. And, modesty aside, let me tell you, that I know the world. When the Jewish Community of Lisbon had a butcher shop, on Rua da Escola Politécnica, door 275, members of the Islamic Community were one of its loyal customers, including the then President, Valy Mamed. In times gone by, for the wedding party of the last president, Abdul Vakil, it was my Father Z´´l  who performed the “Shehitá” of the chickens, served as one of the dishes on the wedding dinner.

I told you; luck lives in me on the better side, which is the heart side. In my universe are fitting Jews, Catholics and Muslims. It's up to the Man. I have friends of all faiths but without one kind :the one that doesn't respect mine. So I lived in my parents' house. That's how I live with my Wife and daughters. In my frequent participations in Portuguese society and abroad, I try to convey that the colour of how G-d presents himself not only does not interest me but does not motivate me. What really matters in humanity is respect. Knowing how to respect in order to be respected is an old saying, simple but timeless and the source of a strong truth.

As a result of the wonderful and important program on Antena 1 that I am part of with Pedro Gil-The Catholic and Khalid Jamal -The Muslim , irreproachably moderated by Henrique Mota, many people approach me with admiration. How is it that three individuals with such different views and believes know how to be on the same tune , even when disagreement on the issues raised reaches the speed of sound. The answer lies in that respect. Respect on the move. And without this crucial detail, it will be impossible to use the word fraternity to its fullest extent. On the radio and in life. Today and always.

In good time Carlos Quevedo, the producer of "E Deus Criou o Mundo", invited me to join the team. It has been almost seven  years of apprenticeship and, at the same time, of a  “doctorate” . By talking about sensitive topics at present, and let's be honest, some of them are very sensitive, we, Pedro, Khalid and I, are, in a way, polishing and improving the future.  The fact that we do not represent our respective communities offers us, perhaps, more responsibility in this intended fraternal construction , but never utopian. And it gives birth to rare and capital nouns that constitute the fundamental filigree for us to continue being  believers in a perfected world: of hope and peace.