The president stressed the importance of Israel’s relations with nations across Africa in a meeting with the three new ambassadors, from Equatorial Guinea, Burundi and Eswatini.

The anti-Semitic statement was written in an Instagram post.

A winner of the film award for a Holocaust movie used his moment on the stage to virtue-signal his opposition to Israel and tacit support for modern-day Nazis.

"If the victims would not have been of Jewish or Israeli descent, your office would have responded in a much vigorous way", said Israel Katz

IAF kills Gaza Hamas recruiter in airstrike • PIJ rocket squad eliminated less than 30 minutes after firing on Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Hatzerim.

The victims were identified as Yitzchak Zeiger, a 57-year-old father and grandfather, and Uria Hartum, a 16-year-old high-schooler.