Jewish Community of Lisbon

As a proof of vitality, the Tikvah Lisbon Jewish Museum joined the celebration of the International Museum Day on the 18th of May.

The cartoon had originated protests by ALPI, the Israeli embassy in Portugal and the Jewish communities of Oporto and Lisbon

"I owe the Lisbon community my decision to become a rabbi and to continue on a spiritual path.”

Uma organização brasileira que serve “descendentes de judeus” que não são judeus de acordo com nenhuma tendência do judaísmo, por mais liberal que seja, e que há sete anos trabalham exclusivamente com...

A Brazilian organisation at the service of “Jewish descendants” who are not Jewish (by any type of Judaism, however liberal it may be) and who have been working exclusively with the Jewish Community...

The Jewish Community of Oporto announced on March 13 (in Portugal) and April 4 (in Israel) that it would withdraw from the certification process.