The Mukhayriq Initiative continues to bring Jews and Muslims together around the world

The Mukhayriq Initiative continues to bring Jews and Muslims together around the world

For too long, many Jews and Muslims have been afraid to speak to one another, leaving each community evermore entrenched in their own world views and detached from those of the other. This has given rise to ever-increasing ignorance and hatred, which has poisoned what was once an often brotherly relationship.

Named after a long-forgotten rabbi who gave his life defending the Prophet Muhammad in an epic 7th century battle, the Mukhayriq initiative celebrates the great moments of historical brotherhood between Muslims and Jews so often neglected in today’s communal discourse. The Jewish community of Oporto is one of the founding members of this project.

Here are some recent key highlights:

In July 2023, a rally to unite Jews and Muslims against the desecration of holy books in Sweden.

In September, Ahmed Al Mansouri from Dubai was welcomed in Israel to foster more partnership and bring together more Jews and Emiratis. 

In November, a group of Muslim leaders traveled to Israel to demonstrate their solidarity and share their experiences.

In December, Muslim Rally Against Antisemitism: a major digital rally organized by the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) to recruit Muslim leaders to speak out against antisemitism following October 7.

In December, in Los Angeles, CAM hosted a Bedouin delegation with a family member hostage in Gaza, meeting with the local Muslim community. The organizers chose not to publicize this event.

In January 2024, CAM concluded an interfaith contest aimed at generating initiatives to combat antisemitism within the Muslim community. The winners will be announced next week.

Looking ahead to 2024, there will be an increase in initiatives even more impactful than previous ones in Jewish-Muslim relations.