PA welcomes Portugal Parliament decision to recognise Palestine Nakba

PA welcomes Portugal Parliament decision to recognise Palestine Nakba

Credit: Orlando Almeida/Global Imagens

The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Friday welcomed the decision of the Portuguese Parliament to recognise the 1948 Palestinian Nakba, a statement announced.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the statement: "The PA welcomed the Portuguese Parliament's decision to recognise the Nakba that happened to the Palestinians in 1948, as well as its expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people."

According to the statement, the PA considered this decision: "A true expression of Portugal's solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people, which has been going on for 75 years."

Meanwhile, it praised the decision as a first step towards the Portuguese government's recognition of the State of Palestine and a step toward adopting resolutions that consider the Nakba a human tragedy.

The Portuguese Parliament voted, by majority, on recognising the Nakba and praised the Palestinians' struggle to obtain their right to self-determination.

At the same time, the resolution condemned the Israeli occupation's expansionist policy and illegal annexation, which violate international laws.

It also called on the Portuguese government to take a clear position in defending the right of the Palestinian people as guaranteed by international conventions and laws.

Source: Middle East Monitor