Oporto Community sent a letter to the Lisbon DCIAP and the European Commissioner for Justice

Oporto Community sent a letter to the Lisbon DCIAP and the European Commissioner for Justice

Porto, 4 June 2023.

Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution (DCIAP) and European Commissioner for Justice

Dear Sirs,

The Lisbon criminal investigation (see point 10 below) has been underway now for almost eighteen months. The Board of the Jewish Community of Oporto would like to say, but would not like to repeat, the following:

1) The DCIAP is familiar with the preamble of Executive Act n.º 30-A/2015 of 27 February 2015, a key element when interpreting Article 24-A of the Nationality Regulation (Article 9 of the Civil Code), which establishes a “tradition of belonging to Sephardic communities of Portuguese origins” who "settled in certain regions of the Mediterranean (Gibraltar, Morocco, the South of France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria), the North of Europe (London, Nantes, Paris, Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Brazil, the Antilles and the US, among others”. The preamble recalls that “at the start of the 19th century descendants of Sephardic Jews who had sought refuge in Morocco and Gibraltar returned to Portugal” and anticipates the “return” (although having neither a home in Portugal or being familiar with the Portuguese language) of the other traditional Sephardic families of North Africa in general, from the former Ottoman Empire and from the western communities, all bearing the (Portuguese and Spanish) Sepharad brand in the activity of the weddings of hundreds of thousands of Jews over 500 years. The aforementioned desire would, after 2020, give way to the words “business deal” and “passports of convenience”.

2) The DCIAP knows that in the period of seven years the Jewish Community of Oporto (CIP/CJP) approved approximately 10% of total possible candidates (over 1 million people), issuing to each applicant a “Certificate attesting to the tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin, materialised in particular [exemplificative word] in the applicant’s last name [his family names], family language, [known] genealogy and family memory [attested to by recognised authorities].” (24-A, n.º 3 c)).

3) The DCIAP knows the digital archive of the CIP/CJP (and not only its more limited paper archive) and knows (because it has Hebrew translators) that the documents of the “applicant, parents, grandparents and to a certain degree great-grandparents” are adequate “for the purpose in question”, because they mention family names ( of Sephardic origin) and the countries/communities of origin (Tunisia, Turkey, Macedonia, etc.) and thus demonstrate the fact that the candidates belong to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. The DCIAP knows the undeniable Portuguese origin – as stated in the preamble! – of former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio’s “grandparents” (whose known genealogy only went back two generations, ie, their respective “parents and grandparents”, two territories of origin, “Morocco and Gibraltar”, and the “surnames”, of traditional Sephardic families from Sepharad, Marrache, Bensliman, Amie and Bensaude, from the Gibraltarian meaning “lucky”) and of the “parents and grandparents” of the recently known Vered Didi, with the “surnames” Dahan, Sabah and Kadosh, originating in “Morocco”. It also knows the Portuguese origins of the former director of Mossad, Tamir Pardo, (which the press connected to drugs and Wikipedia trickery, but whose  “parents and grandparents” have the “surnames” Taranto, Elfandari and Pardo and originate from “Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia”) and of the American influencer Nethaniel Drew (another victim of journalistic corruption), whose “father and grandparents”  have the “surname” De Paz, originating in “Egypt and Turkey”. Like these, we could provide tens of thousands of similar examples! All you have to do is send us the “suspicious” names.

4) The DCIAP should know that, apart from the rare cases of “conversion to Judaism”, to be Jewish is not to have “religious belief” (and yet that is what it swore to during the judicial questioning of a Chief Rabbi recognised by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel!), but a matrilineal genealogy which according Jewish tradition dates back to Mount Sinai more than three millennia ago. It should also be known that the Jewish quality of a person and their family origins reach the present day through “parents and grandparents”. It knows, it must know that, as a rule, long genealogies do not exist in the Jewish world, for they are impossible to prove and because the Jewish people are a people of forced migration that went undocumented for centuries. It knows, it must know, that it cannot once again use the Inquisition against the Jewish community. The “tradition of belonging to Sephardic communities of Portuguese origins” (who settled in the regions set out in the 2015 Act) comes from “parents and grandparents”. To have the intention of finding this tradition neither in Turkey nor Algeria but in Portugal during the Inquisition is absurd and offensive. As a rule, the non-Jews of today – v.g. Luís Castro – who request certification invoking family members who were victims of yesterday’s Inquisition – v.g. Fernando Castro – cannot demonstrate on their own behalf, let alone on that of the family members invoked, the “tradition of belonging to Sephardic communities of Portuguese origin”. The Inquisition (which had no rabbis to be able to validate who was Jewish) was termed a “factory of Jews” (António José Saraiva) because it persecuted thousands of non-Jews for alleged “Judaising heresies” and thus produced thousands of fictitious Jews, including their relations to the nth degree. As a rule, the real Jews died, were assimilated into the Catholic world or fled to “certain regions of the Mediterranean (Gibraltar, Morocco, the South of France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria), the North of Europe (London, Nantes, Paris, Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Brazil, Antilles and the US, among others”.

5) The DCIAP knows that the “difference between the number of certificates issued by the Jewish Community of Oporto (CIP/CJP) and by the Jewish Community of Lisbon (CIL)” is that the former always worked exclusively with cases of Jews such as Jorge Sampaio, Vered Didi, Tamir Pardo and Nethaniel Drew, which can be resolved immediately and for certain. CIL, on the other hand, is buried in cases such as that of Luís Castro, which take weeks to resolve and certainly well. (CIP/CJP always said the State would have had no need of the Jewish communities but for their privileged knowledge of the Jewish world and its institutions.)

It also knows that the “difference” between the two organisations (CIP/CJP and CIL) lies not only in the certification department but in all the departments, including religion, culture, education, and so on and so forth.

6) The DCIAP knows that the leaders of the Jewish Community of Oporto did not “embezzle donations given by nationality applicants”, for it has at its disposal the accounts, the accounting and banking registers, the organisation chart, the communications and the organisation’s scrupulous fulfilment of its religious and cultural goals. The DCIAP also knows that the “anonymous denunciator” of that lie is no other than an individual convicted of multiple crimes who (unfortunately will be arrested and) ended by causing an extremely serious international problem for the Portuguese democratic State. The Inquisition used this type of "anonymous" whistleblowers. It is something that should be studied.

7) The DCIAP knows that “the leaders of the CIP/CJP” never received any “amounts for purposes of speeding up the administrative proceedings of the applicants, money they are said to have used to corrupt IRN officials”. It was because of this accusation of “active corruption” that the CIP/CJP will forever be linked to that odious word “CORRUPTION”, mixed in with “Russians”, when a war is in progress.

For the record, for years CIL certified more Russians (and certainly rightly so) than the CIP/CJP and was never questioned about it, neither by the newspapers nor by the police, rather it was used as a “good example”. The CIP/CJP, on the other hand (with 0,1% of its certificates issued for citizens from Russia, in exchange for 250 euros, and with the “Sephardic origin and family memory” of the applicants attested to by the local American Rabanut) was attacked based on Soviet-style antisemitism. In the Soviet Union, the strong Jewish communities were persecuted by the press and by the State, while the weak ones were lucky enough to be considered “good examples” and used to trample their sisters. It was therefore "not a question of antisemitism"!

8) The DCIAP knows that the Inquisition is over and it should never have cast unfounded suspicions on the “amounts paid by the Jewish Community of Oporto to its religious leader”. Rabbi Daniel Litvak is not employed by the DCIAP but by the CIP/CJP, a private organisation with (i) bodies to decide what to pay to those who serve it, (ii) three synagogues, (iii) kosher restaurants, (iv) Mikvaot, (v) a cemetery, (vi) Chevra Kadisha, (vii) teaching, (viii) activities all around the world, (ix) partner organisations in fourteen countries, and (x) much more under the supervision of the Rabbi. All fees and expenses paid to the Rabbi were always receipted and registered in the books as per the law (Provision of Services 2015/2022: xx.000, xx.400, xxx.000, xxx.500, xxx.000, xxx.000 and xxx.000; Expenses 2017/2022: xx.377.81, xx.294.68, xx.007.71, xxx.77, xxx,16. including Settlement of Accounts). Once again, the investigation has all the documents in its possession following the sweeping searches, incredible and illegal searches, such as have never been seen since 1945, “based on nothing”, in the words of the Court of Appeal.

9) The DCIAP claims that the Rabbi “used the bank accounts for operations related to the CIP/CJP certification processes” and hence infers that this is a “crime of breach of trust”. Here, two things must be said. The crime of breach of trust (and aggravated, no less!) is not technically possible at the CIP/CJP, nor for the Rabbi, the cleaning lady or anybody else at all. For each certification of an applicant there is an emolument or a waiver thereof, all precisely documented in each individual process. Furthermore, the DCIAP knows, or should know, that the payment of certificates MADE TO THE Rabbi (by the catering companies “Tasty Tomorrow” and “Diamantino Malho”) concern Kashrut certifications, and that the transfers MADE BY THE Rabbi to his lawyer (whom the CIP/CJP never met) were done for the latter to pay (to the CIP/CJP) the  emoluments (at 250 euros) for a few specific cases, such as the above-mentioned case of Vered Didi, a friend of the Rabbi’s daughter. On 6 March, Vered Didi’s emolument of 250 euros was paid to the CIP/CJP by the aforementioned lawyer, via Caixa Geral de Depósitos Bank.

10) In 2020, and quite stealthily at the start of the pandemic lockdown, the Socialist member of parliament Constança Sousa, linked to scandals and under orders, began the process that would destroy the reputation of the only relevant Jewish community in this country (“the Jewish Community of Oporto”) and the Sephardic law (“a business deal”, she wrote). She informed the members of the working group of the nationality law (who could testify against her today) that the “CIP/CJP sold certificates” and that the “CIL said it was all business deals”, a fact that the CIL immediately denied, forcing the slanderer to issue an apology. Sousa used "A viela anti-judaica nos truques parlamentares" (“Anti-Jewish alleys of parliamentary trickery”) explained online by a former party leader, and witnessed the most convenient appearance from inside the working group of the “anonymous denunciation” mentioned in point 6. This denunciation (that characterised the law as a “business deal” and the leaders of the CIP/CJP as “thieves” and a “criminal association”) was promptly sent to the Justice Minister and from there to her colleague at the Oporto DCIAP, but the Criminal Police of this city broke the siege and in October 2021 refused to open an investigation based solely on such a rudimentary denunciation lacking in facts. In December of that same year, this Soviet-style game continued when some news linked Mr. Roman Abramovich’s certification to “entries in Wikipedia, Jewish freemasonry and preliminary donations”. The result, as intended, was a huge brouhaha in society. On 11 January 2022, professional thieves, no doubt linked to criminal schemes, robbed the server from the office of a lawyer who served the Community (later they broke and entered into the homes of other people, such as the President of SIRESP connected to the billionaire Patrick Drahi, from whom they stole two computers), digging for any miscellaneous information that would enable them to establish some sort of consistent “theory” against the CIP/CJP. The information that was stolen, paltry as it was, and a few brand-new convenient denunciations, were shared with a journalist (who immediately requested a “comment” from the CIP/CJP). They were also shared with Sousa, with the Justice Minister and with her colleague the Prosecutor General, who entrusted the Lisbon DCIAP with the inquiry, as a result of which the largest synagogue of Sepharad, in OPORTO, was invaded as if it were a brothel, as were the Jewish Museum and the homes of leaders, accountants, lawyers, employees and so on and so forth.

These are the charges set out in the search warrants that “permitted” these invasions: “There are suspicions regarding relations between a number of companies, the Jewish Community of Oporto and its leaders and the competent Portuguese authorities'', “privileged connections and acquaintances in the registry offices, enabling them to get priority for applications for Portuguese nationality by Sephardic Jews”, “the origin of Sephardic Jews was falsely attested in exchange for cash”, “in some cases there were suspicions of unlawful acquisition procedures, such as in the cases of Roman Abramovich and Patrick Drahi” [the latter was certified, and rightly so, by the CIL], “the company HeartStrategy, whose manager is the husband of the Vice-President, signs the certificates and has drastically increased the sums charged for provision of services'', “donations illegally channelled to members with functions in that community”, “a considerable part of the money is channelled into private pockets''.
Lies, all lies. The only “falsifications” and “privileged connections” involved the agents of the State themselves, together with journalists and criminals, with a view to the following: public shaming, expulsion of members, destruction of leaders and theft of the assets of the strongest Jewish European community as regards religion, culture, education and the fight against antisemitism (a community that owns the property that is home to B’nai B’rith Internacional Portugal, with leading members of Portuguese and world Judaism). 

The European Union plan to promote Jewish life (2021-2030) was blatantly rejected on Portuguese territory. 

If the fantastic DCIAP theories (fashioned by third parties, as explained) were correct, the Jewish Community of Oporto, consisting mainly of Sephardic Jews, would, five centuries later, again be expelled from Portugal. 

With best wishes
The President, CIP/CJP

Gabriel Senderowicz