Letter to CNN

Letter to CNN

Shalom aleichem.

The Jewish Community of Porto, including Jews of thirty nationalities for whom Israel is their historical and spiritual homeland, vehemently repudiates the statements of Major-General Agostinho Costa, a specialist in security issues, made on CNN Portugal, on the night of November 16, between 11:16 pm and 11:31 pm.

Resorting to alternative internet sites as models of absolute truth, Major General Agostinho Costa declared  that "more than half of the civilians killed (on October 7) were not killed by Hamas, but by the Israeli army", "the Israeli armed forces when they arrived, on the 7th and 8th, after that huge confusion, when in doubt killed everyone",  "it's a bit like Arnaud Amalric in the Crusade against the Cathars: we killed them all because God will know how to distinguish them", "the Israeli army arrived and wiped out everything and everyone", "so a good part of the 1200 dead were not killed by Hamas".

Commentator Diana Soller, stunned to hear such shocking statements on a television channel like CNN, tried to refute the Major General’s arguments, but he soon finished with authority: "I'll show you the photos!"

The Jewish Community of Porto asks the management of CNN Portugal not to allow something this serious to happen again. A less informed viewer, upon hearing the Major-General, may be convinced that the hostages have not been kidnapped but were taken to Gaza by the Israeli armed forces. Moreover, they may believe that most of the young people at the music festival,  that entire families slaughtered on kibbutzim, on the roads and elsewhere, that the children and women disemboweled and raped in the houses where they slept, in short, the victims of the violence that we cannot imagine, were killed by the Israeli army.

The terrorism of dismemberment, which has persecuted the Jews in every age, has always had a contextualized explanation on the part of the speaking classes. The same is true now with October 7. Everything is very simple in the words of the Major General: "What Hamas was doing was to return to Israel what Israel does with impunity", "the tactic of Israel, and also of the Western world to a certain extent, is first you delegitimize the adversary, then you dehumanize the adversary and then you liquidate the adversary. That's what they are doing about Hamas."


The Board of Directors of the Jewish Community of Porto, Portugal