Attacks against jews has started - "wake up, never again is now!" - European Jewish Leader tells European Governments

Attacks against jews has started -

Brussels, 19 October 2023

Synagogues attacked in Spain, Germany, incitement all over Europe, reported antisemitism rises over 1200%. The European Jewish Association, one of Europe’s largest Jewish associations representing hundreds of communities across the continent, delivered a stark assessment this morning: Attacks against Europe’s Jews has started

EJA Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin sounded the alarm and demanded that European governments wake up and protect all Jewish Communities across Europe. Never again (the phrase used on international holocaust memorial day) is now, he emphasised.

In a statement today, the EJA Chairman said,

“Our communities and synagogues like Melilla in Spain, and in Germany are being attacked, antisemitism hate has multiplied over 1000% times from already alarming levels, we are being insulted, assaulted verbally and in many cases physically in the street.

“I am of course writing to governments in Spain and in Germany. But Jews shouldn’t have to ask for help! My message to European governments is stark: WAKE UP!!! Never again is now!!

“Anybody who thinks this is about Israel and Palestine, or politics is living under a stone. This is merely a pretext for starting attacks on every Jew in Europe.”

“Governments across Europe mut immediately step up, protect JewIsh communities across the continent now. Right now.”