The importance of Associação Lusa Portugueses por Israel (“ALPI”)

Individual day-to-day experiences form the basis of a society's national identity, of
which one of the key features is the relationship with other societies.

Jewish life in Portugal had been relatively pleasant most of the time, until the serious
consequences of the Jewish Expulsion Edict, made official in 1496.

Also, the Inquisition (1596 – 1821) was tragic for the Jewish people as well as for the
development of Portugal. As an example, Jewish people played a key role in the
Discoveries – such contribution is hardly recognized in any official capacity. One of the
first steps in correcting this historical mistake is the 2015 Law that has given back
Portuguese nationality to thousands of descendants of Sephardic Jews.

The Associação Portugueses por Israel (“ALPI”) was born on July 7th, 2020, naturally
motivated by the founders´ urge to fight anti-Semitism – In particular, Political

This anti-Semitism tends to mostly stand on a falsely created moral superiority of the
Palestinian cause, a textbook example of how modern time politically correctness often
creates narratives that many do not believe in deep down, but somehow feel compelled
to espouse.

We believe anti-Zionism acts an anti-Semitic agenda in disguise – Media constantly
exposes their biases by trying to assign blame to the State of Israel for all of the regions´
difficulties, nevermind when an Israeli-Arab conflicts reheats.

Israel is a full and vibrant democracy, a human rights observant country, and yet it is
constantly and unfairly labeled as the aggressor in order to slowly continue the march
towards the annihilation of the State of Israel.

The religious Anti- Semitism is remnant since Pope John Paul II in 2000 asked
forgiveness for errors of the Church that have weighed so much on the Jewish ordeal.
The anti-Social Semitism experienced in day to day life is non – existent and not
relevant to declare to CEJTM- Center for Jewish Studies of Trás-os-Montes / Kantor
Center – University of Telaviv with whom we have a collaboration protocol.

The ALPI has two main declared goals:
1- Information
To improve general knowledge of Jewish / Israeli history and of the contemporary
modern society the Jewish people have built – as well evidenced by the vast number of
technological (and other) advancements generated in Israel or in Jewish influenced
The prodigious progress of Industry 4.0 is a must to be emphasized!
This Start Up Nation is an admirable state – the message must be disseminated.

2- Opposition to Anti-Zionism (Anti-Semitism in Disguise)
Resetting the real narrative of events is what motivates us rather than hatred for our
counterparties – Like other states, Israel has the right to exist and to defend its
sovereignty and security.
ALPI agrees with determinations of IHRA.

ALPI began its activity by developing a Cultural Department with the realization of
several literary conversations / discussions.
So that we remain apolitical at the core, we invited authors associated with distinct
political camps.
The Holocaust Museums of Porto and Jewish of Lisbon have been presented.
A Webinar about concepts of "Influence of Success" was very well attended and
The Association is well integrated with Portuguese Jewish Communities and selflessly
works to generate synergies to contribute to the Jewish community at large.
We have an active Social Media presence – Our publications have become a reference
for their highlighting of the most important topics relating to Israel (with a focus on
political developments and scientific progress).

ALPI also develops educational videos which have contributed to elevate the profile of
the Association – One such example is the “Greeting to Israel” created to celebrate the
country´s 73rd Anniversary.

We develop partnerships with international organizations already having as a project
for next year an educational program and presentation with author Gabriel Ben Tasgal
of Hatzad Hasheni – 300 QUESTIONS -300 Words.

On July 7th, 2021 we had the unforgettable joy of donating a bust of Aristides de Sousa
Mendes to the Portuguese National Assembly – Highlighting the incredibly positive
impact on human life of Aristides is sure to serve as a symbol to inspire courage and

Our Declaration of Interest is clear:
To strengthen the relationship between Portugal and Israel in general.
A JEWISH HERITAGE DAY in Portugal is a decidedly fair tribute that we are highly
committed to making a reality.