Sirens ringing throughout the morning

Sirens ringing throughout the morning greeted my family and I in Jerusalem on the morning of the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah. Emerging countless times from a bomb shelter, was not what anyone had in mind on this supposed joyous occasion.

Israel was under attack from Hamas terrorists. Innocent civilians have been murdered or kidnapped whilst celebrating the festival in their homes. Children, families and elderly were and have been taken as human shields. The events of October 7, 2023 are Israel’s - 9/11.

This was has just begun, and we must be prepared for the future on all fronts. In times of crisis, the State of Israel has always demonstrated its resilience and strength. In these difficult times, we in the Jewish communities of the diaspora must unite against an impending increase in anti-semitism as a result of the attacks in Israel.

As a united people, standing tall and proud of our Jewish identity will we best be able to eradicate the force of evil that is unfortunately still widespread in a post-holocaust world, and show our endless love and support for our brothers and sisters in Israel. May HaShem bring peace swiftly. Am Yisrael Chai.