Activities of Purim in Portugal

Activities of Purim in Portugal
Cascais - Chabad Portugal  

Words of Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld: “For Purim the Lubavitcher Rebbe always encouraged the Shluchim to make a special effort to make sure that all the four Mitzvot of purim were fulfilled”.

  1. Hearing the Megillah both the night of Purim and during the daytime.
  2. The Mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor, at least two 2 poor people.
  3. Mishloach Manot, sending gift packages of food to friends.
  4. To have a festive Purim meal.

Rosenfeld recalls something important: “While most of the Mitzvot do not need practice or training, reading the Megillah takes time and practice”.

Last year, and due to the restrictions of the pandemic: “Chabad organised Megillah readings in the parking lot so people could listen to the Megillah from the comfort and safety of their cars. During the course of Purim, we had multiple shifts of cars pulling in to hear the Megillah”.

Purim 2022 is different: “Thankfully this year with the health situation improving we hope to be able to read Megillah for people in a more conventional manner, but of course we will be making house visits to the people who are still unable to participate.”

Lisbon - European Center for Jewish Students and Jewish European Professionals

These historical institutions  organize, in Lisbon, an event whose title needs no introduction: Purim on the Rocks 2022!

This event was going to be in Lithuania but because of the political situation, they have decided to relocate it to Lisbon.

Directed to Jews aged between 18-39 years, participants will stay at a central hotel in Lisbon, will have the opportunity to live 4 unforgettable days, with interactive workshops, the food is glatt kosher, there will, of course, be the reading of Meguila de Ester. The big Purim party will be in a Club in the city of Lisbon.

Lisbon - Jewish Community of Lisbon

Erev Purim, in the synagogue, a special programme dedicated to children; Rabbi Ruben Suiza and Rebbetzin Debbie Suiza tell them the story of Purim. One afternoon, with snacks, prizes, surprises and sweets which will be distributed. The reading of Megilat Esther follows, and after the arbit a special kibud is offered

On Sunday, party at Maccabi – Albarraque, the party will include games, dancing and a mask competition with the distribution of prizes.

Oporto - Jewish Community of Oporto

Tefilot, Meguilat Esther Reading, a festive Purim meal and much more. 

The community expects to host around 500 people (as happened on Chanukah) for Purim parties on the various floors of the Kadoorie Mekor Haim synagogue. There will be a costume contest for people of all ages, and an amusement park for children will be created.

The program begins on the very day of Esther's fast. Members are urged to donate gifts to the poor and to send gift packages to members who live far from the synagogue. It's time for celebration and union.

Gabriel Senderowicz, a board member of the Community recalls "Two millennia passed. The Jews survived and celebrated. We celebrate to this day, rejecting anything that is contrary to our deep culture. The Jewish people fought against all the great empires. One by one they succumbed. Am Yisrael chai."

Albufeira - Jewish community of Algarve

The Jewish community of the Algarve will do the reading of Megilat Esther at Albufeira Synagogue, Albufeira. After the religious service, there will be food and drink and lots of entertainment.

In the center of the Algarve, in the city of Albufeira, for over two years one can find an active Synagogue: the Ezra & Sasson Synagogue. It has a Ehal, a beautiful old Torah scroll and a Meguilat Esther.

Belmonte - Jewish Community of Belmonte

The existence of the Jewish community in Belmonte dates back at least to the Middle Ages, as recalled by Pedro Diogo, the president of the Jewish Community of Belmonte: “At the time, the Jewish quarter stretched between Rua da Fonte da Rosa and Rua Direita. There is a stone dated 1297, belonging to a synagogue here in Belmonte”.

In the Beit Eliahu synagogue there will be a religious service and the Meguilat  Ester  will be read by Rabbi Eliyahu Sheffer. The community organizes a lunch that will be guided by entertainment and playful games.