Holocaust Museum of Oporto

"Last Folio": The Future is Memory features the ruins of Jewish life after WWII

The Mekor Haim Choir will sing appropriate songs and try to interact as best as possible with the students of the schools.

Although it has been closed to the public these last months, the Museum remained open for visits from schools from all over the country.

This is a tale of incredible perseverance. Eight decades after his aunt, called Sewusia Fajwlowicz, disappeared in Piotrków, Poland, a member of the Jewish community of Oporto has been trying to...

On May 13th, representatives of the Portuguese Jewish community gathered in a highly sentimental ceremony at the Holocaust Museum of Oporto.

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan 27), the Holocaust Museum of Oporto will inaugurate two temporary exhibitions which aim to explore the various complicities throughout the...