Sephardic Jews

CIP/CJP will continue to evolve in all its statutory aims, following the trajectory that in the space of a single decade has made it one of the most relevant Jewish organisations in the world.

Some Sephardim from that Jewish community have already invested billions in Portugal, enriching the country as a whole.

The Jewish Community of Oporto lodged a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the crimes of False Accusation and Journalistic Corruption.

The exhibition has 13 panels with images and historic explanations and places the Inquisition into context.

1 March 2022 marks the seventh anniversary of the entry into force of the nationality act that allows Jews of Sephardic origin to acquire Portuguese nationality.

In seven years (March 2015 to Jan 2022) the Portuguese state has granted Portuguese citizenship to 56,685 descendants of Sephardic Jews, according to data provided by the Ministry of Justice to the...