Self-proclaimed “scholars of Jewish themes” attack Israel in the West

Self-proclaimed “scholars of Jewish themes” attack Israel in the West

In the West, where everyone wants a soapbox to show they have a useful life, some mannerisms persist and endure through time. The polish of the writing asserts that its authors, whose lives were always incompatible with Jewish religion and all its roots, have set aside their ancient Marxist-Leninist ideology. Naturally, out of the mouths of such people we can expect no less than criticisms of Israel and of the entire Jewish tradition, which these scribes play out before an ignorant audience.

As if it were not enough to have societies riddled with worms who at the slightest opportunity would again cut our throats with the same sharp knife, we now see, in the West, something the antisemite loves: some Jews turned against Israel. And allegedly, important Jews who proclaim themselves to be scholars of Jewish themes.

One of the traditional shots of the so-called “scholars of Jewish themes”, who have long illtreated Jewish civilisation, is based on the fact that the haredim are exempt from compulsory military service. It is a known fact that all those over the age of 18, whether Israeli Jews, Druze or Circassians, join the Israeli Defence Forces, although there are some exceptions. To this date, the ultra-Orthodox are exempt. They are exempt because they study the Torah and the Talmud. Note: they study. Whether or not you agree with this position, these are the real scholars of Jewish matters, not people who have imbibed the milk of the far left and have never read a single page of the Talmud.

Furthermore, it is not just a question of the haredim. Let also mention the refuseniks, the sarvanim: Israeli conscientious objectors and others who refuse to serve the Tsahal. In 2002-2004, Jonathan Ben Artzi, then aged 20 and nephew of Benjamin Netanyahu, preferred to go to jail for 18 months than to serve his country.

Everyone has the right not to agree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy. Yet it is in Gaza that there have been no elections since 2009. Mahmoud Abbas, the president elected almost in the last century, does not go there because he does not wish to end up in the cemetery. That terrorist headquarters has no political freedoms, but only poverty and bomb experts. It is from this territory armed by Iran that Israel is attacked, either directly or through Lebanon, another place in the world that is putrid with terror.

To blame Israel for having attacked and harmed Muslims during Ramadan or outside the holiday is to take the side of those who would have us in two places: far away or in the morgue. Since the beginning of 2023, 19 people, nineteen, have been murdered in Israel. And that’s the victims’ fault, right?

Non-constructive criticism of Israel is a tool used by all those out there without hearth or home. It is a recurrent technique used by creatures who need to self-promote themselves so that they are looked on kindly by the powers that be, to the general damage of the Jewish community as a whole.

Without the IDF, Israel would long ago have fallen, to the delight of the world’s extreme-left and its lackeys. The soldiers and security services that defend Israel also defend the Jews in the Diaspora, even those whose interests jar with Jewish feeling and who in the not so distant past militated in factions that completely dishonoured and wrecked Zionism, to the extent that many of them were prevented from entering Israel.

On 14 May 1948, Israel proclaimed its independence. 24 hours later, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia launched an attack on three fronts, as they rejected the UN’s Partition Plan. This forced Israel to defend the sovereignty it had reacquired over its ancestral land. Thus began an existence that has lasted 75 years. Israel never stopped trying to make peace. It was able to sign and to agree peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. Recently, with Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. These are real signs that hope is not a static noun.

History is responsible for the barometer.