Portuguese hostage Yossi Sharabi reported dead in Hamas video

Portuguese hostage Yossi Sharabi reported dead in Hamas video

Hostage Yossi Sharabi in a Hamas video.

Kibbutz Be’eri announced yesterday that hostages Yossi Sharabi and Itay Svirsky were “murdered” in Hamas captivity in Gaza. Sharabi was Israeli and Portuguese citizen.

The kibbutz, from where the two men were abducted by Hamas-led terrorists on October 7, called for their bodies to be returned for burial and for the release of all other hostages still in captivity in Gaza.

The loss and suffering of the families is enormous and unimaginable,” the kibbutz said. “We call on the war cabinet to do everything to return the members of the Sharabi family home as well as the other abductees.”

Eulogizing Sharabi, who was a resident, the kibbutz described him as “the most loving and devoted father and husband, a family man with a big heart. A man who loves people, was caring and known for his dedication to all those around him, and was always full of joie de vivre.”

Some Portuguese politicians came to mourn Sharabi's death, without mentioning the efforts they would certainly have made to free him. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Gabriel Senderowicz, the president of the Jewish community of Porto, recalls that "in the modern world what matters is surfing the right wave. If the cause of the hostages is politically correct for now, then there is no problem with the Sephardic certificates that the community of Porto issued for 26 dead, injured and hostage Israeli Jews."

Referring specifically to Sharabi, the president stated that "he was the son of a Moroccan father, surnamed Turgeman, and a Moroccan mother, surnamed Sharabi. Members of the Turgeman family returned to Portugal, from Morocco and Gibraltar, in the 19th and 20th centuries, and are buried in Lisbon's Jewish cemetery."

Sharabi and Svirsky were featured in a pair of propaganda videos published earlier this week by Hamas. At the time, the Israel Defense Forces said that several days previously it had already notified their families of fears for their lives.

IDF has rejected the terror group’s claim that 2 died in IAF bombing. The account of their deaths, through the voice of a hostage who has probably also died, is made in the midst of a horrible joke that aims at psychological terror.