Motion Proposed to EJA Annual Conference

Motion Proposed to EJA Annual Conference

On the 15th and 16th of May, more than 100 Jewish leaders from across Europe gathered in Oporto for the European Jewish Association conference “Shaping the Future of European Jewry Together".

At the conclusion of the conference, a significant resolution was adopted through a collective vote among the Jewish leaders. This resolution will be transmitted to governments across Europe and the leadership of European Union institutions:

We, Jewish Leaders gathered in Porto on this day - 15 May 2023 - welcome the Plans from National Governments to date in response to and incorporating the EU strategy for Combating Antisemitism and fostering Jewish Life. 

However, we voice a strong concern at the coupling of antisemitism with Racism, and other forms of discrimination.

There is no doubt that hatred and racism must be fought in all manifestations and at every level, but there is not one cure for all cancers. 

Antisemitism is unique and must be treated as such.

It is unique because:

- Antisemitism continues to grow year on year.

- Antisemitism is state sanctioned in many counties, and all Jews regardless of colour, observance or political orientation are targets for genocide.

- Antisemitism, as described in the London Declaration on Combating antisemitism, not only propagates hatred against Jews but against Israel.

- Of all the hatreds in the world, antisemitism is alone in being given cover by the United Nations.

- Other target groups for hate do not recognize antisemitism as racism but instead a form of discrimination. Jews are additionally accused of ′privilege′ or ′leveraging′ the Holocaust.

- Antisemitism is unique in that it is bound inextricably in the pantheon of Jew hatred with Zionism, the right of the Jewish people to return home. 

Whilst the language and concept of ′intersectionality′ is popular today, we Jewish Leaders distance ourselves and our communities from the concept of intersectionality because:

- The ′inter′ is missing. There is little to no solidarity or empathy towards Jewish Communities from other groups affected by hate when antisemitic atrocities occur or when Israelis are murdered in terrorist acts.

- Furthermore, the vast majority of Jews, who support the state of Israel, are excluded from events, rallies and other intersectional events because of that support.

For all the reasons above, we Jewish leaders urge national governments who are preparing national plans on combatting antisemitism, or who have already prepared plans, to decouple antisemitism from all other forms of hate and treat it in isolation.

National governments should also practice what they preach. Therefore, we Jewish leaders call upon heads of the EU to initiate legislation preventing those with avowed antisemitic positions from running for office in EU institutions.

We Jewish leaders aksi state our unreserved support for the State of Israel, including any democratically elected government. Out of great love and sincere concern for our brothers and sisters in Israel, we call on the political leadership of all parties in Israel to rise above their differences while fulfilling the order that "kol Israel arevim ze la ze". 

We Jewish leaders ask the European Jewish Association to forward this resolution to National Parliaments and/or the relevant Regional Authorities on our shared behalf, and to the government and political parties of the State of Israel.

Porto, 15 May 2023.