Mossad helped Greek police block terrorist attack

Mossad helped Greek police block terrorist attack

Credit: Morde'hai Lubecki, via Google

On Tuesday, two Pakistanis were arrested in Greece accused of planning mass attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets.

In a statement, Mossad said it had helped Greek police with the investigation and that the two men were part of a terrorist network originating in Iran.

According to the Associated Press, one of the targets was a Jewish restaurant located in the center of Athens, where Chabad House is likely to be located - acting against a very symbolic mark for the Jews.

The Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said: "The apprehension of the terrorists in Greece who were planning to carry out attacks, reflects Israel’s intelligence capabilities and the importance of international security cooperation. Thank you to our Greek friends for their swift action".

The arrest of these two men occurs on the same day that the Ismaeli Center in Lisbon suffered a knife attack, carried out by an Afghan who entered Portugal through Greece.