Kadoorie Synagogue and Oporto Holocaust Museum threatened with bomb attacks by extremists

Kadoorie Synagogue and Oporto Holocaust Museum threatened with bomb attacks by extremists

Today, Monday, the day before the start of Pesach, ideological extremists used false email addresses to threaten bomb attacks against the main Jewish institutions in Oporto, Lisbon, Spain and Latin America. The threats aimed at Oporto's Jewish community targeted the city's central synagogue and the Holocaust museum. To avoid doubt, the criminals revealed the addresses of the places under attack.

The message of the self-titled group “Latin Americans United Against Zionism” encompasses all the hate and anti-Semitic myths of the far left and far right, including Holocaust denial. The Kadoorie synagogue and the Holocaust museum were respectively called “den of Jewish rats” and “brothel”. “Let's leave Oporto's pavements stained with the rat blood of the Zionists. Death to the Zionists!”, proclaimed the criminals.

The criminal message adds, “We are going to explode bombs at the Oporto Holocaust Museum and the Kadoorie Synagogue Dear filthy Zionist rats, we are going to visit you here at Rua Guerra Junqueiro 340 in Oporto and plant a bomb in front of your den of Jewish rats called the Kadoorie Synagogue. And then we're going to park a booby-trapped car in front of Rua do Campo Alegre 790 and we're going to destroy this brothel called the Oporto Holocaust Museum, which should be called the Oporto Holotale Museum because there they teach the lie of the 6 million, the fake Holocaust that only existed in Hollywood films.”

The delinquents then tried to explain the reasons for their obsessive behavior against peaceful Jews who live thousands of kilometers from Israel: “We will carry out this double bomb attack against you because you are Zionists and the Zionists are murderers who are killing women, old people, children and babies in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.”

The characterization of Portuguese Jews, and also of Portugal as a country, demonstrates madness, anger and dangerousness. “The Zionists are voracious rats who kill innocent people, therefore they deserve to die and will die even in your country of whores, fagots, idiots and fools called Portugal.”

The detail with which these threats were made demonstrates both the prior study of the targets and the insane anger directed at the Jews, seen as a people to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. The criminals used an address called “javier.milei”, in a malicious reference to the president of Argentina, himself a lover of Israel and the Jewish people, who is in the process of converting to Judaism.

The Attorney General's Office of Portugal and the main Portuguese police authorities were informed and are currently carrying out investigative measures, as are their counterparts in Spain and Latin American countries.