Jewish Community of Oporto accuses Radio France International of journalistic corruption

Jewish Community of Oporto accuses Radio France International of journalistic corruption


Yesterday, the Jewish community in Oporto accused a journalist from Radio France International of journalistic corruption. The correspondent of this news organization in Lisbon, Marie Line Darcy, was allegedly used by known antisemites in the city to publish fake news about the Community and deceive the listeners and readers of a prestigious French radio station. "She talks about corruption, when she herself was part of it", says the Community.

The Community recalls that in March 2023, "Le Monde" participated in a similar scheme (which was subsequently published in Portugal as if that newspaper had made "discoveries") and ended up being embarrassed in France.

In a statement, the Community states that "journalistic corruption served by unworthy people must be stopped and they must be exposed as corrupt as they are. Once again, regarding the recent changes to the nationality law and without the Oporto community was contacted beforehand, a French journalist declared that the Community had become very rich due to the nationality law, which pocketed not only the applicants' fees but also the 250 euro fees from the registry office, which the president and a board member had been accused of illicit enrichment, which the first had as a lawyer the second and that they had both made a lot of money."

The Community states that it "does not know how journalists prostitute themselves in this way before some Lisbon elites, inventing that the community was rich with the money that the applicants paid to the registry office, inventing accusations of personal enrichment that were never made by the authorities, inventing that two members from the community who had farms and limousines for decades 'earned a lot of money', inventing that one did law work for the second (which never happened) and omitting all the centers of Jewish life that the community created with fees from the Jewish world to the Jewish world, including synagogues, restaurants, cinemas, achdut centers, films and more. For antisemites this is enrichment."

The Community adds that "the incredible journalist says that the rich Roman Abramovich has no Portuguese descendants, all this without ever having seen his file, without ever having asked the community a question. The objective of this dirty game controlled by Lisbon elites is to wait a few days and put their boys in Portuguese newspapers writing: 'Radio France International discovered that...'. They have already done this with a corrupt journalist from Le Monde in March 2023 and the case earned the ire of Jewish newspapers in France."

The Community recalls ten questions whose answer it will demand from the Portuguese State on April 25, 2024 and states that in those questions they now also include Marie Line Darcy, who "whether she wanted to or not became part of the game. Good luck".

The must-read book “Two Millennia of the Jewish Community of Oporto, Chronology 1923-2023” (free download:, says the following:
“On April 25, 2024, the date that marks the fiftieth anniversary of democracy in Portugal, the Community will demand answers to the following questions from the Portuguese State:
- Who ordered the March police operation, “based on nothing” according to the Court?
- Why tried to eliminate a young French Jew and why?
- Who robbed the residence of the former President of SIRESP to steal two computers?
- Who robbed the office of a lawyer from Oporto to steal the server?
- Who robbed the residence of a lawyer with a “suspicious” surname and why?
- Who orchestrated and used allegations of convicted slanderers?
- Who orchestrated and used individuals with stings in psychiatric hospitals?
- Who led the “communication strategy” against the strongest Jewish community in Portugal and the “Sephardic law”?
- What are the names of the characters that “distributed the game” through the media?
- What does a “Palestine cause” mean?”